Video Marketing and Development

When we mention the subject Video Marketing and development, most assume we are talking about a professional video camera crew showing up and shooting a television style commercial. However with the technology available today, as a small business owner, we do not have to goto that trouble or expense!! Most smart phones are capable of capturing video content that is suitable enough for the purposes in creating videos to promote your business that come across professional and engaging. When still images such as slides with photos and text combined with a variety of small short video clips are all put together with a purpose in mind, this can be a great way to introduce as certain aspect about your company to a prospective customer. Think of it this way, if you had the choice to read text on a page, versus watching a short, entertaining, creative video, which would you find more appealing? You guessed it, the video!

So what does this all mean for the small business owner? Well first of, if we create a variety of videos, maybe a short mall intro video for a company, it just gives a feel and first impression to a prospective customer about what your company does or what it’s mission statement might be. Now, if we take this to the next level, lets say we come up with a marketing plan for your local business. Lets say you want to show up in the organic search area of Google on various keywords and search terms. Now we do our keyword research based on your geographical area and type of topics your prospective customers are searching for.

We now create a variety of information videos that we have done with SEO in mind and now those videos show up high in Google and also in YouTube search. How do you think that will affect your business? Very positive for sure!!! If you didn’t know, YouTube is owned by Google and its considered the 2nd most popular search engine underneath Google. Many business owners do not realize the importance of incorporating the use of company videos with SEO. When a person does a search in Google for something and they see a video thumbnail show up in the organic search area, that appears more inviting to them then another website that just shows up as a text title. They are more inclined to click on that thumbnail just out of pure curiosity of what that video has to offer.

If you find the whole idea of capturing content, organizing it and putting the wheels into motion for a successful Video marketing campaign and development, no worries!! We have the expertise to get your business on track with this type of marketing.

Just ask yourself, if your local competitors aren’t doing anything with video, especially video with SEO and then your company jumps on this. The end result will be you will have the upper hand on the competition and prospective customers will view you as more cutting edge and once your competitors see these videos, they will be panicking and trying to figure out how they can catch up to what you are doing. You will have the jump start on the race!!!

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