You know what they say right? “you got to spend money to make money”… well same goes for Google AdWords or as we know it ‘Pay Per Click’.
Per Per Click is self explanatory but for those who doesn’t know it means ‘you pay by the click’

There’s so many businesses out there that don’t even know about Google AdWords or what it means or how it works, so I’m going to give you a brief description of what it is and how Google AdWords work.

Google AdWords ads are the paid ads you see at the top, side and end of the google page when searching for a product or service. The pic below shows you exactly what I mean…( Where it says Google AdWords )


So Google gets paid by advertisers using Google AdWords so you would automatically think that Google is going to give the number 1 spot to the highest bidder? WRONG!!! Google is very fair of who gets number 1, and it actually goes to the advertiser with highly relevant keywords, ads, and ad extensions.
The advertiser with the most relevant keywords, ads, and ad extension can be in the number one ad position and pay a lower cost per click ( cpc ) than his competitor who is willing to pay the highest price it takes to be in the number 1 ad position.

So with that being said Google AdWords is not that scary after all, Google AdWords is highly measurable in terms of what type of device is being used to look at your ad, what time and days of the week is someone looking for you product or service, you can track your conversions and you can also set up an ad schedule that matches your business hours so you don’t get irrelevant clicks at like 5am when your business doesn’t open until 9am 🙂

I hope this makes you understand a little about Google AdWords & gives you the feel for Google AdWords

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